Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia
Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia

West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey

Did You Know?

The West Virginia Broadband Mapping Program utilizes GIS to develop an easily read map that shows a comprehensive picture of existing broadband service and to identify areas in the state that still do not have it.

Welcome to the WV Office of GIS Coordination Website and Portal

The West Virginia Office of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Coordination website serves as the home site for the WV Office of GIS Coordination, the West Virginia GIS Policy Council and the State GIS Steering Committee.

The office is housed within the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey and headed by the State GIS Coordinator, currently Tony Simental, MS.

This site is also an access point to the WV GIS Team Intranet.  

Our Mission

The mission of the WV Office of GIS Coordination is to work with state agencies, West Virginia’s GIS community, and regional and federal partners to provide and promote cooperative leadership, support, and innovative solutions for utilizing geospatial technology in serving the public good.

What is GIS?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a technology that incorporates the collection, analysis, and display of data that has a geographic location associated with it. GIS allows you to explore spatial trends in information and visually communicate information that can support and improve business decisions. GIS technology is used in many different fields such as public health, natural resource management, economic development, homeland security, and many others. Learn more...

* This website is new and growing, so please continue to check back for future developments.*

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