West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey

Did You Know?

The WV Legislative Redistricting Office uses GIS to update Congressional, State Senate, and State House of Delegates District boundaries and supplies information to the U.S. Census Bureau and local communities, districts, and counties.


From West Virginia's business community, non-proft organizations and academia, to state, local and federal government, GIS is an important and ubiquitous tool in effeciently meeting the needs of every-day business. The use of geospatial technology in West Virginia is growing as more and more organizations explore and invest in the benefits of GIS technology and West Virginia's growing geospatial workforce.

Every two years, West Virginia's GIS community comes together for the WV GIS Conference to showcase accomplishments, communicate future goals and activities, network with peers and learn new approaches and techniques. The conference is open to the public, and everyone from geospatial professionals to interested students, state leaders, and other citizens can learn how GIS is being utilized to benefit the Mountain State.


 (Photo above from 2008 WV GIS Conference hosted by WVAGP).

West Virginia 2010 GIS Conference

Hosted by the Office of GIS Coordination, the Marshall University Geography Department and the WV Association of Geospatial Professionals

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